Come to Ukraine experience the wild and the beautiful for yourself!

Posted on March 15, 2013 in Site News

In continuation of our revealing Ukraine for you, we have placed new information about Ukrainian cities and towns on our site.


We welcome you to take a walk by the narrow streets of Chernovtsy, to feel the cosmopolitic spirit of the town and to see a unique architectural ensemble of the former residence of Bukovina metropolitans, which is Fedkovych National University at present.

Make a journey in time and go back for a thousand years, having visited the famous fortresses in Kamenets-Podolsky and Khotyn.

Feel the spirit of Ukraine in the legendary Poltava and in the mystical Dikanka praised by great Gogol.

Discover Crimea, the Black Sea jewel, a peninsula with a thousands years history, invested with an air of myths and legends.

Crimea is famous for its mild climate with a large range of climatic zones, endless steppes and green vineyards, remnant woods and deep canyons, sandy beaches and a warm gentle sea.

Mountaineers will be interested in Crimean mountains, the smooth Northern slopes of which are covered with dense forests, and the Southern slopes form precipitous cliffs steeply plunging into the sea.

Crimea has a rich and diverse architectural heritage: from ancient cave towns to the luxury and magnificent tsars’ palaces. You just have to see Lastochkino Gnezdo (The Swallow’s Nest) castle, the symbol of Crimea located on a cliff in Gaspra village, and the Livadia Palace, where the famous Yalta Conference of the “Big Three” was held in 1945.

You may gain an ultimate experience from a tour of the antique Khersones, visiting the heroic Sevastopol and a formerly secret base of soviet submarines in Balaklava.

When planning your tour to Ukraine, do include Crimea into your destinations and you won’t regret it, after all, there are things in Crimea which may be seen at other resorts, but also there is something which cannot be found anywhere else in the world.