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44 Art-Club

44-B, Khreschatyk street, Kyiv 01001, Ukraine

Tel: +380 44 279 4137


It will be no trouble to find out metropolitan art-club 44 — it is located in 44-B, Khreschatyk street. Underneath the façade devoid of pathos is one of the hottest vacation spots in Kyiv, where you can often encounter famous musicians, writers, artists and simply creative people, who have an eye for good music.

In the afternoon, when there are significant discounts on all the dishes in the menu, you can eat a tasty meal here and have one or two glasses of excellent beer to the sound of quiet background music.

When evening comes, the time of musical groups performing at club 44 starts — the audience suddenly alives and the club gradually turns into the epicentre of Kyiv nightlife. The hall, where performances of not only talented Ukrainian performing musicians, but also global maîtres are held, is equipped with a dance area, from which it is convenient to actively respond to what is happening onstage.

The second hall will be a pleasant surprise for those, who are of a retiring disposition, fond of quiet and unhurried conversations: soft music sounds here, and there is free access to the Internet that attracts a younger generation and businessmen to operate a laptop.

Concerts and festivals, discos and jazz master classes, film screenings and exhibitions are an endless series of events that captures, integrates and drags everyone, who comes here once.

Now, it is an affair of honour to visit Art-Club 44 for everyone, who considers oneself to be a real party-goer and music fan.

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