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Botanic Apartments

28 A, bul. Lesi Ukrainki, of. 211, Kyiv 01133, Ukraine

Tel: +380 50 312 1660, +380 67 233 1660


We are pleased to welcome you to the capital of our state, the city of Kyiv!

Kiev is a big, beautiful city with a developed infrastructure, attracting a lot of tourists and businessmen.

When you go on a business trip or just a holiday trip, the place where you can settle and relax is a matter of no little interest.

When accommodating in non-luxury hotels, you are offered a limited space with a minimal selection of housing opportunities. In turn, apartment rental allows you to determine your own needs and freedom of action.

Our company has been on the market of these services since 2001 and today it has been widely recognized as a quality and reliable partner. Our main goal is not to lure clients by dumping prices, but to provide them with the highest level of service and leave only pleasant memories of their stay in our apartments.

We will offer you all the necessary services to feel homey and comfortable.

All apartments have a thorough European level repair and are fully equipped with everything needed for carefree living and opportunities to work productively and have a good rest.

If you are interested in daily rent in Kyiv, we always listen to your wishes when you book an apartment and provide exactly what you need. In the future, we always try to consider all the faults to improve the quality of our service. We can be proud of the fact that all the clients, who used our services at least once, return just to us.

Botanic Apartments Botanic Apartments Botanic Apartments Botanic Apartments Botanic Apartments