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Cult Ra

4, Volodymyrs’ka Street, Kyiv 01025, Ukraine

Tel: +380 44 331 5948


The Cult Ra Rusyn Club stands on Kyiv Hill at the heart of the Cosmos, where descendents of Arya offer a bright atmosphere in the present.

The most original ethnic restaurant in Kyiv, this is where you can feel the world of Arya culture. Pagan symbols recreate the sunny magic of the Cosmos, where you can feel the power of nature, the energy of creativity and the wisdom of books!

The Cult Ra Rusyn Club combines a dining room, tea room and bookshop. The Rusyn power cuisine involves delicious organic products based on old Slavic recipes.

The murals and dĂ©cor were created by artists Oleksiy Alyoshkin and Mykola Otsun.

In our bookshop, you can find fiction, history, children’s books, Vedic Ukrainian books and music CDs. It also offers Trypillian ceramics, Slavic charms, hand-made pottery and unique copper adornments.

In the hospitable atmosphere of our tea room, your servers will suggest healing drinks made of honey, herbs and spices.

Every Saturday, you can come by and enjoy our workshops in modeling objects from natural and polymeric clays, making traditional Ukrainian cloth cult dolls called motanky, or making organic soap using the special technology of cold soap boiling. Together we can learn something new, awaken our dormant creative energy — because when our hands are making beautiful things, they bring us release and pleasure.

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