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Device Café

136, Pobedy ave., Kiev 03115, Ukraine

Tel: +380 44 277 1555, +380 44 221 1010


Every connoisseur of fine cuisine knows about “Device Café” restaurant. The secret of its success is quite simple: fine cuisine, perfect service and exquisite interior of Art Nouveau style.

You can choose on of the four halls which is more to your liking. The “Starry Sky” hall features ceiling bestrewed with lots of Swarovski crystals which create an effect of night starry sky, and the walls are decorated with authors paintings.

The main hall looks the most festive and vivid. Motley sofas are welcoming you to “drown” in their soft velour, and snow-white tables and chairs fill the room with airiness and light. Having walked up the stairs, you find yourself in a lounge hall with glass ceiling, streaming silk and wine red sofas. And if you are looking for fun, we are happy to invite you to the karaoke hall! Perfect sound quality and transmissions on plasma panel display are keeping with the best traditions.

The “Orient Veranda” is waiting for admirers of oriental cuisine, where we serve dishes of peoples from Near East and Middle East, Central Asia, Caucasus and the Balkan Peninsula. What ever you choose—spicy shashlick from succulent mutton, dense and rich chorba, aromatic pilaw or lagman—you will enjoy a real harmony of taste and esthetic pleasure, after all, in the Orient food is a special ritual and even philosophy.

In our menu we adhere to Ukrainian and European styles of cuisine, and also offer author dishes from the restaurant’s chef Viktor Timchishine, a recognized maitre of culinary art, both in Ukraine and abroad.

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