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Luciano Restaurant

33 B, Degtyarevskaya, Kyiv 03057, Ukraine

Tel: +380 44 220 1241


Luciano offers a fascinating gourmet variety of European cuisine as well as delicious choice from our chef. Our guests will enjoy dining in the chamber-style decor and making use of a high-tech karaoke-system.

The restaurant concept is to make no compromises: only the best food, the best cuisine, and the best service. Lucianomelody will be in harmony with your ideal vacation tune.

Luciano is decorated in dignified classic opera style. Rich colour pattern and separated small halls resembling VIP lounges create a theatre-like atmosphere, where every guest has a chance to become a prima donna or a lead tenor at least for the night. Who knows, maybe the opulent atmosphere in Luciano will help you to shake off psychological barriers and discover a vocal talent you have never thought you had?

In Luciano our inspired chef creates masterpieces of European, Mediterranean and Japanese cuisine. Health-minded people will find a large variety of delicious low-calorie food by looking at the Light page of the menu listing dishes with calorie count.

Luciano Restaurant Luciano Restaurant Luciano Restaurant Luciano Restaurant