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“Poyikhaly!” Kolyba

35 km from Kyiv along Zhitomir highway, turn towards the village of Nikolaevka

Tel: +380 99 333 0770


The sprawling plant of picturesque ethnographic complex Ukrainian Village is near Kyiv, 21 km along Zhitomir highway. First of all, you can find peace of mind here, because the complex absorbed the overall colour of life and traditions of the Ukrainian people. Here you can visit the old houses from different regions of Ukraine, feed the domestic animals, make your own hands a clay pot, forge a horseshoe for good luck and observe baking of odorous bread in the oven.

Kolyba “Poyikhaly!” will always serve you with delicious borsch, derunchiki with pork rinds and brynza and other dishes of open-handed Ukrainian cuisine. The highlight of kolyby is Ukrainian cuisine cooked according to ancient recipes. For example, only our chefs know what Kvasha means, about which Kotlyarevsky wrote in his famous Aeneid. While your order is cooked, you will not be bored, because the interior of kolyba presents a great variety of interesting gizmos the application of which may be a real quiz for you.

We work every day from 9.00 a. m. till 9.00 p. m. Admission to the complex is free.

“Poyikhaly!” Kolyba “Poyikhaly!” Kolyba “Poyikhaly!” Kolyba “Poyikhaly!” Kolyba “Poyikhaly!” Kolyba “Poyikhaly!” Kolyba