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Pushistiy Sushi Bar

23, Krasnoarmeiskaya Street, Kiev 01004, Ukraine

Tel: +380 44 234 3101, +380 96 310 9019


Near “Richelieu” a soft exotic slanting eyed animal from South-East Asia took a shelter. What kind of animal is this nice small beast called “Pushistiy”? When you want unknown sensations, emotions and new knowledge—sushi bar “Pushistiy” is at your service. It’s all unusual, ranging from the soft fur of the walls and furniture and finishing cuisine. Service staff of “Pushistiy” also loves everything extraordinary. For example, by Eastern New Year chefs treated guests with the biggest roll in the form of Ukrainian flag. This fact was acknowledged even by Guinness Book of Records. Extraordinary things attract. But cuisine in “Pushistiy” is above all. It would seem what you can still come up with a sharpened over the centuries art of sushi and sashimi? Nikolay Tishchenko and his team believe that it’s possible. They just cannot live without novelty. Success Formula of “Pushistiy” cuisine is simple: the freshest fish, traditions, innovations and respect. And there is nothing else left for you to do but to fall in love with yourself and surrender to the furry exotic paradise. So nice!

Cuisine: Japanese
Offers: Wi-Fi

Pushistiy Sushi Bar Pushistiy Sushi Bar Pushistiy Sushi Bar Pushistiy Sushi Bar Pushistiy Sushi Bar Pushistiy Sushi Bar Pushistiy Sushi Bar