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“Shynok—kosa nad charkoyu” (Scythe over goblet)

2, Mykhailo Donets Str., Kyiv (Vidradnyi neighbourhood) Cossack Settlement “Mamajeva Sloboda”

Tel: +380 44 361 9848, +380 63 872 7831


Mamayeva Sloboda is the reconstruction of a kozak settlement spread out on a tiny bit of wild nature near the source of the Lybid River. A mere seven kilometers from Khreshchatyk, you can find yourself amidst blossoming cherry orchards, surrounded by wicker fences. Just passing through the Tsaryna, as the main gateway of the settlement is called, you will be carried back to the epoch of the Hetmanate as though aboard a time machine. Over there, behind the Kozak Church of the Holy Virgin, behind the kozak huts and household buildings on the estates of the church warden, are Kozakdzhura, the senior kozak, the blacksmith, the potter, and the fortune-teller.

Next to the smithy is a Jewish shopkeeper’s tavern or “Shynok — kosa nad charkoyu.” Chattering girls and the buxom tavern-keeper Odarka will always keep you amused in the Shynok, as was typical of kozak times. Don’t forget to ask for a treat of the famous kozak varenukha or brandy. At the bar, you will see a line of flagons made of historical hot glass, jugs, kegs and fired clay kumantsi — small decorative wine jugs with a handle and spout — all filled with liqueurs: cherry, plum, mead, and pear-fig — all brewed according to grandfather’s recipes. While drinking, you can nibble on traditional folk dishes prepared according to historical recipes from the kozak epoch in the Dnipro River Valley. You will be agreeably surprised with clay bowls and dishes, on which thoughtful servers will present just for you: fragrant roulettes, meat in aspic, young pork on a platter, pot roast of veal and lamb, yeast buns, potato and meat pancakes, gruel and the famous kozak buckwheat and millet porridge, roast meat, cabbage rolls, buckwheat varenyky, potato varenyky, stuffed crepes, pancakes and sweet cakes, large and small oven-baked breads and cakes and, of course, a master sauce with saffron. By candlelight, trios and quintets of musicians pleasantly complement the romantic, restored interior of the old tavern.

“Shynok—kosa nad charkoyu” (Scythe over goblet) “Shynok—kosa nad charkoyu” (Scythe over goblet) “Shynok—kosa nad charkoyu” (Scythe over goblet) “Shynok—kosa nad charkoyu” (Scythe over goblet) “Shynok—kosa nad charkoyu” (Scythe over goblet) “Shynok—kosa nad charkoyu” (Scythe over goblet) “Shynok—kosa nad charkoyu” (Scythe over goblet) “Shynok—kosa nad charkoyu” (Scythe over goblet) “Shynok—kosa nad charkoyu” (Scythe over goblet)