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Seasons SPA, Boutique Hotel & SPA

29 km of Staroobuhov Highway, Kozin, Kiev region, Ukraine

Tel: +380 44 520 8940, +380 44 520 8910


Out-of-town hotel—boutique “Sezony SPA” (SPA Seasons). Our hotel is a place where time stops its relentless flow and transforms it into heavenly delight, enveloping each visitor with climate of comfort and coziness.

Our SPA-centre is an immersion into oasis of tenderness, into this exclusive serenity of mind and physical beauty restoration through classic means of recreation, aided by latest technologies and methods, specifically designed for your “soul and body”.

We work hard to create a new lifestyle for successful people by means of proper and peculiar attitude to themselves, guiding them through the path of restoring wholeness and harmony of soul and body, development of individual healthy life model, filling them with positive vital energy and as a result—increase life length and it’s quality, productiveness and fitness to work.

In our SPA-centre you can lose undesirable weight, improve beauty and invigorate your muscles with the help of vacuum-roller body massage, press therapy, and ultrasonic slimming technology.

Our Thermo Spa Concerto—a unique stamina rejuvenation system that will gift you with exceptional comfort, by gently warming and relaxing the body and creating this unforgettable feeling of lightness and euphoria.

Golden standard SPA Baths can also provide restorative, relaxing, and stabilizing effects.

Hydro Massage department of the Centre: Charcot’s douche and Vichy shower. Besides the cosmetic effect, Charcot’s douche is used for healing massage of dorsum, joints and muscles. Vichy shower is also quite popular—hundreds of thinnest streams of water under high pressure. Like needles they provide unforgettable pleasure and their micro massage makes a splendid tonic effect for the skin.

Thermal complex includes Finnish sauna bath, Turkish hamam bath, salt grotto and a swimming pool.

SPA-Centre “Sezony SPA” (SPA Seasons)—is a wide range of various face and body care programs. IMPERIUM system is a noninvasive meso therapy, ultrasonic peeling, face contour correction, radio-wave lifting and ultrasonic liposuction.

Gentle hands of our specialists will provide you inexplicable pleasure from different massage types. Classic, sport, Thai, stone, lymphatic drainage, complex-therapeutic, it’s up to your decision and our specialists suggestion.

SPA—tours (1-day, 3 days, 5 days)—complete face and body care programs, that will gift you health, beauty and enjoyment.

Out-of-town SPA-centre “Sezony SPA” (SPA Seasons)—a sacred place of care and tranquility.

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