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TurgeneF Lounge-Restaurant

40, Bolshaya Zhitomirskaya Str., Kiev 01025, Ukraine

Tel: +38 050 872 1777, +38 044 272 2169


Lounge-restaurant “TurgeneF” occupies a special place in the constellation of Kiev restaurants. Since its opening had passed more than a year. Becoming in time the only eclectic restaurant in Ukraine, with the passage of time “TurgeneF” does not lose its relevance for a minute. Today the restaurant remains a unique place to relax, as the class of interior design and service, as on the excellent quality cuisine. At the same time gastronomic establishment continues its development granting dear customers-friends more and more innovations for more comfort and coziness.

When winter comes secluded corner of “TurgeneF”—“Palma”—works for solitude-seekers. With the change of seasons unique terrace transforms gradually from summer to winter haven where you can hide from severe cold. On the warm terrace you will enjoy delicious dishes and drinks in full.

Every evening from 19.00 wonderful live music is playing for you: jazz, modern Italian charming piano. For those who want to demonstrate music talents from 22.00 karaoke starts working.

Incredible news for “TurgeneF”’s frequenters: restaurant works round the clock.

“TurgeneF” is a restaurant where luxury combines with mysterious coziness. We keep up old rules of the game full of thousands of small details. Every visit to “TurgeneF” resembles a good performance where the guest is a stage director, spectator and participant. Business talks, family holidays, romantic appointments…

Cuisine: Asian, eclectic, European, Jewish.

Offers: wine sampling, wine list, tea list, Wi-Fi.

Specialities: VIP-hall (8 seats), waiter, playing musical instruments.

Entertainments: Karaoke, live music, hookah.

TurgeneF Lounge-Restaurant TurgeneF Lounge-Restaurant TurgeneF Lounge-Restaurant TurgeneF Lounge-Restaurant TurgeneF Lounge-Restaurant TurgeneF Lounge-Restaurant