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Czech restaurant “U hromogo Pola” (At limping Paul’s)

4, Suvorov Street (Pechersk), Kyiv 01010, Ukraine

Tel: +380 44 280 5007


Legends are told about Limping Paul and his beer exploits. He was seen in many places simultaneously. Some folk spoke of his relations to the devil (as you know, Mephistopheles was limp too). In some time his images and figurines appeared in suitable places, and people began associating him as patron of beer pubs and pint-pots. Eventually, some pubs started to have a name of Limping Paul.

One of such places (and together with that first genuine Czech restaurant in Ukraine) can be easily found at Suvorov street in Kyiv. You are an admirer of good beer and a meat dish, cooked according to traditional Czech recipes? You fancy to repeat adventures of the good soldier Svejk? You often gather your friends to have a good time with a fine drink of Becherovka? Without any second thoughts, you have to visit “U hromogo Pola”(‘At Limping Paul’s’)! It’s the place where you can reach this famous condition of Czech weather: A different state of lightness, felicity and inner comfort, a pleasure of enjoying Czech cuisine and along with that—sincere communication. Hundreds of details: figurines, post-cards and antiques brought from Czechia will complete the feeling of immersion into the atmosphere of a Czech beer pub, and will allow to feel this incomparable to anything spirit, which is going to conquer you from the very first time.

  • Cuisine: Czech
  • Interiors: Czech national restaurant style
  • Music: Czech radio broadcast, and often in the evenings—live music
  • Entertainment: sport events broadcast possibility, noisy beer festivities
  • Drinks: Krusovice beer, Becherovka, strong drinks and cocktails
  • Signature dish: wild boar’s hock with mustard and horse-radish, goulash-soup with bread
  • Exclusive dishes for big companies: rabbit with sour cream and mushrooms, stuffed duck (dishes are best to be ordered beforehand)
  • Drinks for big companies: always cold beer in three liter dispensers, (3 liters)! bucket-o’-BeTon (Becherovka with tonic)
  • For children: special children menu, special festivities for children
  • For dinner: on weekdays from 12:00 till 16:00 a special dinner offer is on. Besides that, every 5th dinner “U hromogo Pola”(‘At Limping Paul’s’) is offered to the guests absolutely free of charge!
  • Features: free Wi-Fi, parking, cork-fee service, discount program, pleasant beer activities and offers
  • Interior space: banquets—up to 100 people, fourchette—up to 180 people, summer terrace is open at warm time of the year. It is wide and one of most comfortable in the city
Czech restaurant “U hromogo Pola” (At limping Paul’s) Czech restaurant “U hromogo Pola” (At limping Paul’s) Czech restaurant “U hromogo Pola” (At limping Paul’s) Czech restaurant “U hromogo Pola” (At limping Paul’s) Czech restaurant “U hromogo Pola” (At limping Paul’s) Czech restaurant “U hromogo Pola” (At limping Paul’s)