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Velour Restaurant

43, L’va Tolstogo Street, Kiev 01032, Ukraine

Tel: +380 44 289 3432, +380 67 440 4477


“Velour” is the most ceremonial and reputable establishment in the restaurant network “Nasha karta”. We assert this as we know that there are moments in life of every person when he wants to be the center of the Universe. However the “Velour” pathos is unobtrusive. It is expressed in an unbounded respect of the creators of the restaurant for its visitors. You may be sure—each waiter knows your name, the most comfortable place for you to sit and your preferences for aperitif. But none of the drilled servants of your good mood allows even a shadow of familiarity. Just give a sign and your every wish will be fulfilled. The famous white gloves are changed by the waiters of “Velour” every two hours.

Interior and atmosphere of this place combine nobility of Victorian England and hedonism of France of Napoleon III. One of the latest technologies used in cooking dishes is “molecular cuisine”, it’s a fine calculation between delight and satisfaction of needs of your organism. So making an appointment in “Velour”, having booked a table in advance, you will produce right impression. For “Velour” is a talisman in the world of people who strive for success. Take the opportunity, make a wish and it will come true!

Cuisine: European, Japanese.

Offers: breakfast, wine list, coffee list, tea list, oyster menu, steak-menu, grill-menu, game menu, hookah menu, catering, Wi-Fi.

Specialities: fresh fish, oysters, seasonal menu, VIP-hall (14 seats), two summer terraces, waiters work in white gloves.

Entertainments: live music, karaoke, hookah.

The best restaurant of Kiev is waiting for you!

Velour Restaurant Velour Restaurant Velour Restaurant Velour Restaurant Velour Restaurant Velour Restaurant Velour Restaurant