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House of Legends

48, Staroyevreyska street, Lviv 79000, Ukraine

Tel: +380 50 430 2924


“!Fest” holding of emotions café is a heart of Lviv legends guard: time, cobblestone, lions, weather… Meal prepared in stove, home delicious food, own liquors… Seven-storeyed restaurant where each room is a hearth mother of a certain legend.

Thus, the room of Lviv time keeps a standard of local time and a legend about its existence. The room of a legend about Lviv cobblestone holds a Lviv cobblestone standard and there is a pattern behind a glass that shows what size a true cobble must be. There are instruments and cobble patterns of different historic epochs of Lviv.

A legend about the river Poltva hidden into a manifold is cherished in the room of smell or stink and manifold. There are strange fishes that one can now catch under Lviv Opera House, apparatus spreading stink over the city, schemes of the right- and left-bank manifold and a translation of the river on a camera put right inside the manifold.

Photos of all city lions, parts of bodies, tails, food, supplies for treatment are collected in the room of Lviv lions. The legend tells that all the city lions come alive at night and guard the wealth of Lviv. In this room one can sit at the table in a real lion cage.

There is also a room of Lviv books, that is books about Lviv and its citizens. A book of the very Lviv (local or Galician) dialect is of a high value. It is a so-called Ministry of information. We also call the book Lviv Winchester…

And the last one—the room of Lviv weather control… There is a monument to a chimneysweep on the roof of the house. On the whole, all the hosts of the restaurant wear clothes of chimneysweeps as they are those who guard Lviv legends.

House of Legends House of Legends House of Legends House of Legends House of Legends House of Legends House of Legends