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Mons Pius Restaurant

14, Lesi Ukrainky st., Lviv 79000, Ukraine

Tel: +380 32 235 6060, +380 97 645 4952

Restaurant Mons Pius (from latin—Grace Mountain) is situated in the old development of the Armenian district of Lviv. There is the Armenian Cathedral, former Archbishops’ Palace and sisters-Benedict monastery. There was a school for boys and the printing house nearby; famous Jan Karmatents printed first Armenian printed books there in XVII century.

In the XVII century the very houses were rebuilt for Armenian pledge loan-bank Mons Pius which operated there until liquidation in 1940. In XVII-XIX centuries there were many famous people among clients of the bank—count Didushytskyi, Armenian archbishop Yakiv-Stefan Avgustynovych, catholic bishop Vatslav-Ieronim Serikovski, prince Liubomirski, prince Sapiga, countess Ludwika Potocka, count Zhevuski and many others.

In Mons Pius guests can taste delicious beer, what is called Mons Pius also, brewed specially for the restaurant’s visitors and enjoy perfect steaks, grilled using good traditions and new ideas. Our aim is providing our clients with honest food, beer and service. Finally, our friendly staff will conduct a detailed excursion into the history of the restaurant if you want!

First hall of the restaurant Mons Pius is decorated by stained-glass window by Rosen. This finding is a real sensation in the history of Lviv restoration and a pride of all who are interested and keen on the history of Lviv. The stained-glass window itself was designed by a famous artist Jan Heinrich Rosen in 1927 and made in stained-glass establishment of F. Bialkowski in Warsaw. The first hall is also decorated with the portrait of Jan Mardorysiewicz, one of the directors of the bank Mons Pius.

Second hall of the restaurant Mons Pius is dedicated to the development of the alcohol history in Lviv.

The interior of the third hall is decorated with the portraits of famous citizens of Lviv who lived and worked in our city and contributed to its development with their projects, ideas and intelligence. Most of them also were the clients of the bank Mons Pius.

You are always welcome in Mons Pius!

Mons Pius Restaurant Mons Pius Restaurant Mons Pius Restaurant Mons Pius Restaurant Mons Pius Restaurant Mons Pius Restaurant