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Amazing Ukraine you’ve never seen

Ukraine — what comes to mind when you hear this name? Maybe the Klitschko Brothers, Andriy Shevchenko, Nikolai Gogol, and maybe Kyiv, the Dnipro, the Carpathian Mountains. But this is just a small part of the brilliant talents and unbelievably beautiful places that grace our country.

Travel in Ukraine — plunge into the fairy tale

Kyiv's most popular ancient architecture complex the Kyiv Pechersk Lavra (Monastery of the Caves). UNESCO has listed it on a World Heritage Site.Thinking of traveling around Ukraine? You will find a charming country, the second biggest territory in Europe and its heart… The beauty and variety of Ukraine’s natural environment are truly marvelous!

In Western Ukraine, the Carpathian Mountains soar, protecting the country from cold winds and making its summers warm, its winters mild. Travel around Ukraine from the north and you will soon be able to feel the warm breath of subtropical Crimea, while those from the south can savor the frosty breath of the Carpathians.

Ukraine’s southern shores are washed by the warm waves of the Black Sea. Travel around Ukraine and feel the grandeur of the Crimean mountains, aromatic pine forests and picturesque landscapes that enchant travelers with their primeval beauty, whether you are in search of R&R or better health.

Destination — Kyiv, Ukraine

Kyiv, Ukraine’s capital, is one of the oldest cities in Europe, and even in the world at nearly 2,000 years old. In its time, Kyivan Rus was one of the most powerful states in Europe and all the great European royal families considered it an honor to marry into the family of a Kyivan prince. Not many cities in Europe can boast such an impressive cultural heritage.

Andreevsky Spusk holds numerous picture galleries and various souvenir stores Lviv’s location is rather specific: the edge of the Roztochia Upland, 70 km from the Polish border and little more distance to the eastern Carpathian Mountains (160 km / 99 mi). The city is the most important country’s seaport in the southern Ukraine. It’s located on the northwest shore of the Black Sea and it’s on the list of the fourth largest cities in Ukraine. The population amounts to 1,029,000 (as of the 2001 census).

When planning your travel in Ukraine, don’t forget to include romantic Lviv and sunny Odesa, the treasure trove of seaside resorts Crimea, our intellectual capital Kharkiv and, of course, the heart of Eastern Ukraine, Donetsk.

As you travel around Ukraine, you will be impressed by its excellent geoeconomic location, properly named “the bridge between West and East.” This is a resource-rich country with enormous intellectual resources as well, promising business opportunities and a growing corporate culture.

Crisis or not, Ukraine is confidently moving ahead with economic transformations and a better investment climate, doing everything possible right now to attract international investors to its shores.

Ukrainians are rightly proud that Ukraine was chosen to hold the final games of the UEFA EURO 2012 games jointly with Poland. This event offers a unique opportunity not only to show the whole world what we have achieved in the arts, the sciences, education, and sports, and to demonstrate the high quality of our hospitality. This is yet another opportunity to show the international community that the basic philosophical principle driving our country is openness to cooperation and partnership.

For us, Ukrainians, our homeland is the best place in the world. We want you to get to know it: “Ukraine. It’s all about U!