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Kryjivka, Restaurant

14, Rynok square, Lviv 79000, Ukraine

Tel: +380 50 430 6354


Kryivka was the first restaurant in the! Fest Holding of Emotions chain and is one of the most visited restaurants in Europe today. This concept restaurant recreates the times of the Ukrainian Nationalist Organization and Ukrainian Insurgent Army or UPA during the Second World War.

Built underground, its wooden interior replicates a real partisan bunker, down to the wooden WCs. Its address is listed as “Somewhere on Ploshcha Rynok,” but it’s not that hard to find, compared to real UPA hideouts!

Inside, you are surrounded by authentic photos of UPA partisans, embroidered clothing, military plates — and Ukrainian cuisine. You can hear a live Ukrainian band every night. And there’s unusual entertainment, such as a shooting gallery and a real machine gun you can hold in your hands — if you want. When you enter Kryivka, a stern guard says, “Slava Ukraini!” You must answer, “Heroyam slava!” meaning “Praise the heroes” if you want to get in. The guard will then offer you a shot of medovukha, a drink similar to Jaegermeister.

True Ukrainians always remember and honor the UPA, heroes who fought the country’s enemies for an independent Ukraine. At Kryivka, the struggle still goes on, so come on down and enjoy Kryivka’s excellenthunter-style cuisine and lively company.

Kryjivka, Restaurant Kryjivka, Restaurant Kryjivka, Restaurant Kryjivka, Restaurant